Virtual Clinic

Virtual One-to-One Clinic

The Hypnotherium provides New Zealand residents with online hypnotherapy and success coaching. We recognise that not everyone is able to travel or that you may be more comfortable within your own home than in person.

The first part of your Virtual Clinic session will be for us to understand your desired outcome that you wish to achieve and make detailed notes.

Then we will outline our approach using Hypnotherapy and coaching methods. You will have time for review and feedback. Depending on the reason for your visit, a number of other follow-up sessions may be scheduled.

For this service we need to ensure that you have a good internet connection with high speed data for this to be effective.  Our preference is to use the Zoom platform for which we email an invitation through to you in advance.

Virtual Hypnotherapy

All One-to-One sessions include a separate personalised Hypnotherapy session recording. This will be created by us after working with you in our Virtual Clinic, for you then to listen to regularly. The recording will usually be made for you on the same day, and then after it as been edited and then formatted, will then be sent to you via email for you to download onto your computer and/or your smartphone.

We provide online hypnotherapy to assist with a range of personal problems you may be experiencing. Through a results-driven approach to the practice, we treat clients experiencing problems with depression, sleep, substance abuse, weight issues and more. We develop specified methods to ensure our experts are providing you with an optimised treatment plan.

Virtual Success Coaching

We use Success Coaching skills to help clients to achieve their goals and dreams. Advanced Success Principles coaching including visualisation, goal setting, see what you want, get what you see, belief and action taking, better communication skills, achieving better rapport, and you will learn how to achieve the ‘Ideal, Positive state’ to help make anything possible. Maintaining success on your journey, and not ‘self-sabotaging’ is also a key part of Success Coaching.

We Take Your Success Seriously

There are many reasons why you may want to undertake online hypnotherapy or success coaching, but one thing remains the same: our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our highly skilled and certified professionals will work closely with you to understand your goals, develop a realistic action plan before assisting you in implementing it.

We believe in your success, and take the time and understanding required to develop a personally-tailored approach to ensuring you know what you want out of life and are equipped with the tools to get there.

Carole - Qualified Hypnotherapist

Find Out More from Our Team

If you are interested in taking part in online hypnotherapy or success coaching and would like to find out more from our team, please feel free to get in contact.  Carole is dedicated to ensuring our valued clientele receive the highest communication standard, and will be happy to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Simply send us an enquiry message via our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.