Weight Loss Hypnosis

Does it seem like you have tried every diet out there? Do you find yourself turning to food for comfort?

Many people try different weight loss methods without addressing the underlying psychological reasons behind their endeavour. 

This unconscious apprehension is often caused by doubts, negative self-talk, painful past memories and other factors that can contribute to weight gain. This is where hypnosis for weight loss comes in.

Carole at The Hypnotherium is a certified experienced hypnotherapy specialists who, through deep relaxation techniques, helps you to address the underlying issues behind the problem. We aim to provide you with tools to assist you on your journey.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

For this we use analytical hypnotherapy to make changes to the way you think and feel about food. This type of hypnotherapy is great for those that want to lose 5-10 KGS. For those that need to look at a more in depth solution we can discuss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

For this you will need to book in for the Hypnotherapy Package which is $299.00  – Book this Now

Virtual Gastric Band 

The Virtual Gastric Band Clinic is a specialist form of hypnotherapy that requires  additional qualifications to be gained before a hypnotherapist can practice. We’re dedicated to helping you on your journey to wellness during this process and you will need to be committed to undertake the sessions and homework required. (don’t worry the homework is relaxing, not taxing)

The Virtual Gastric Band Clinic includes the following:

  • 1.5- 2 hours initial consultation
  • Pre-consultation questionnaire
  • Four follow up appointments of one hour in duration
  • One 30 minute success consultation one month after our final appointment

2021 Autumn/Winter Special – $599.00 

Client Testimonial

December 2020

I have lost 10 kgs over a short period of time, and feel fantastic . I have learnt to change the way I think about food and that there is no bad food . Carole was an amazing coach , I listened to her recordings daily and still do today occasionally. She was always available to answer questions and very supportive. Totally recommend her . Thank you Carole for giving me myself back


One of our other groups that we manage is the Luscious Ladies Wellness Club. This is a holistic approach to a wellness journey that encompasses, a weekly exercise class in a private studio. So if you feel a little body shy, we cater exactly for that. The exercise is set a level that you can handle and won’t put you off coming back again.  In addition we have a walking group and also offer hypnotherapy as part of the course. Take a look at all of the information on the LLWC page for more details.