Hypnotherapy for Reducing Anxiety

How Can Hypnotherapy Work for Anxiety?

Within New Zealand one in four people will experience an anxiety disorder at some stage of their  lives. Anxiety can leave you feeling  stressed, struggling to sleep and avoiding social outings. Typically your flight or fight response is in action.

In addition to hypnotherapy I suggest  looking at our  goal setting and hypnotherapy package which is specific to helping those with anxiety  through a process that provides real life tools and practical assistance.

Hypnotherapy is a treatment method that incorporates guided relaxation, focused attention and heightened concentration to place patients in a deep state of relaxation. The heightened state of relaxation allows patients and their therapists to explore negative thoughts, feelings or memories that may be increasing their anxiety.

Once the root cause of the patient’s anxiety has been located, we can work on the cause in order to alleviate what you’re feeling. Carole is highly skilled in creating a calm and restful space to explore any negative thoughts or feelings that you maybe experiencing.

This coupled with goal setting, coaching and hypnotherapy will give you results.

Purchase  our Anxiety Reduction Package:

This includes:

  • Six one hour – one on one sessions
  • Depending on what you need to achieve, we will work out how many are hypnotherapy & how many are planning for success successions
  • You can book directly online at your leisure once you have purchased the package