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For most people when they think of hypnotherapy they visualise all the quirky things that they’ve seen on TV and then spend a lot of time worrying that they will leave a hypnotherapy session barking like a dog and flapping their wings like a chicken.  We can certainly tell you that this is not the case.

We’ve tried to alleviate all of your fears, concerns or questions here.

If there is anything that we haven’t covered here, then please ask.  Hypnotherapy is a gentle process that is designed to help you reach your goals in a relaxing environment.

We know that many people might be a bit skeptical about hypnotherapy, however its a gentle process designed to help you overcome roadblocks and work through whatever you need. But does it really matter? If it works for you isn’t that the best part?

We normally have an idea of why you want to visit when you first make contact with us, so on arrival we will get to know one another and discuss what you want to achieve before starting hypnotherapy. Essentially we try to get you as relaxed and as comfortable as possible before we start.

A certified and registered hypnotherapist is trained in BOTH hypnosis and advanced hypnotherapy. Their training is extensive and involves more than one formal course through a reputable training institution that focuses upon training in navigating the subconscious mind safely and effectively.   A hypnotist is trained only in hypnosis and more often than not has gained a certificate over a short weekend course. They are not qualified to practice as a hypnotherapist although many may advertise themselves as such. This can create a problem when seeking a qualified hypnotherapist to work with.   The difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy is HUGE and so it is important to understand not only the difference but also how to ask anyone practicing as a hypnotherapist whether they are fully qualified or are simply a hypnotist that refers to themselves as a hypnotherapist.

Bahahahaha! No,  is the short answer…..what you see on TV is a trained stage hypnotist, you don’t have to worry about doing anything stupid, that’s not what we do or how we treat our clients.

Our aim is to provide you with a relaxing and calming experience during hypnotherapy.

No, you will not. The conscious mind will always bring you back from anything you aren’t comfortable with. You are in a safe place with me.

No not at all, it’s very relaxing, almost like a meditation or a visualisation. The primary part of hypnosis is to be as relaxed as possible.

It depends on what you are seeing me for. Most will have some form of instant success, however if you are wanting to lose 20 KGS for example, that isn’t going to happen in one session over a week, you’ll need to book in for a number of sessions. But that’s something I can help you work out. 

Most people feel incredibly relaxed when they leave hypnotherapy and surprised that they were awake throughout the session.

The first session involves spending the time working through your goals, what your triggers are, what you want to feel and achieve over the time working together.

If you just want to lose a few kilo’s then we’d recommend suggestive hypnotherapy, it’s a less intensive process and can give you great results to help move those few extra KGS.

Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) is a carefully planned process which takes a number of weeks to work through, steps are introduced slow to ensure that you have time to adjust and see the results.  This is a much more intense process and program.  Carole has undertaken advanced training to be able to undertake VGB hypnotherapy.  

Carole has undertaken training for hypnotherapy and is certified under Hypnosis New Zealand. You can view her full profile here.

Carole - Qualified Hypnotherapist

Carole is a qualified Hypnotherapist